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There are several reasons why I don’t take insurance—first of all, a clinician/PT practice has to go through a lengthy process to become an in-network provider for each insurance company it wants to accept. And there are a TON of insurance companies. Second, I don’t want to go through the hassle of verifying your insurance benefits because I would rather spend my time treating you than spending hours on the phone with your insurance company. In addition, most of the patients who end up coming to me have high deductibles and high co-pays for Physical Therapy and would have to pay between $50-$75 per session anyway, which does not end up saving you much money. But I would say the biggest reason why I don’t take insurance is because I don’t want the insurance company to be the one to decide how much and what kind of treatment you need. That should be determined by the clinician (me) and the one receiving the care (you).

No matter what your current level of activity is, I have something that will specifically benefit you. Read the options below and click on the option you most identify with.

Option A: You are a gym rat. You don't have free time because your free time is spent in the gym. Besides, what better way to invest your time than investing in your health? You enjoy spending time in the gym and are happy to try new exercises. If you want to know why these exercises will enhance what you are already doing, click HERE.

Option B: You are already active, but you are very busy and have very little free time. You have set time in your schedule for your workouts, your workouts are already planned for the most part (or planned for you), and you don't really have time to add anything extra. If you want to know what exercises should (need to) become part of your weekly routine, click HERE

Option C: You're busy, too, but you do like to exercise when you have the opportunity. You can make the time to do some new exercises, but you don't really know what exercises are the best ones for you. If you want to know what the best things are to do in the time you have, click HERE

Option D: You don't workout much. You know that you should, but you are either too busy, too unmotivated, or you don't have the knowledge to know what to do, so you don't make time for it. If this describes you, click HERE

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