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Better Posture

This class is for men and women of all ages and abilities who would like to improve their posture.

  • Ended
  • 100 US dollars
  • Powers Ferry Road

Service Description

Anytime posture is mentioned, I always see and hear the same response: People immediately straighten up and say, “Oh, that’s something I need to work on!” The truth is, whether you are sitting (or standing) at a computer all day, or even if you are very mobile and active throughout the day, we all need to work on our posture. We are constantly being pulled into bad posture by gravity, and few of us have the strength and endurance to overcome these daily demands. Put simply, we are all predisposed to bad posture. Those who have good posture only do because they work on it. But, the good news is that anyone can have good (or at least better) posture! Bad posture can lead to many types of pain and dysfunction—the most common ones being headaches/migraines, low back pain, neck/upper back pain and stiffness, shoulder pain, and even jaw pain. So just remembering to sit up taller every day should make those things go away, right? Well, unfortunately a better chair, taller desk, posture brace, or a little device that zaps you when you slouch doesn’t always fix the problem. If you don’t have the foundation to create lasting change, it’s hard to be compliant in the long run. Good posture requires sufficient mobility, stability, and strength of the neck (cervical spine), shoulders, upper back (thoracic spine), and core. Once you have those, making good posture a daily habit is easy. In this class, you will learn which areas of your foundation need fixing so you can make long-term improvements in your posture and not just feel better, but feel great! This is small class with an intimate setting to allow for close supervision, instructions, attention to proper form, and modifications to exercises as needed. Participants may ask questions; however, this class is not intended to diagnose or treat illness or injury. If you have a medical condition, you may be advised to seek medical attention from a healthcare professional.

Contact Details

  • 2030 Powers Ferry Road, Atlanta, GA, USA

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