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Everything you need to know about the #30DayGluteChallenge before you sign up

When does it start?

The first #30DayGluteChallenge is currently in progress.  Stay tuned for the sign-up for the next #30DayGluteChallenge set to start in January 2019!

What happens when  I join the challenge?

When you join the challenge, you will get daily emails for 30 days with a link to a new glute exercise

How long are the workouts?

It’s not actually a workout.  It’s just one exercise per day and will usually take less than 5 minutes to do

Should I do it if I’m injured?

My hope is that if you are injured, doing this will eliminate or at least improve your issue!  That being said, skip any of the exercises that cause pain or make your pain worse! (if they cause pain, this is most likely a sign you are doing something incorrectly)

Where should I do the exercises and what equipment will I need?

You can do all the exercises at home!  Ideally, you will need a resistance loop for days 20-24 and some exercises require a small step.  You can get creative a use a stack of books or furniture if you don’t have stairs.

Any other questions?

Feel free to reach out to me with any other questions: 

Email me at or use the contact form on my website.  Happy Gluting!

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