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Introducing my #30DayGluteChallenge!

Click below to watch the promotional video

A few years ago my coworker dubbed me "The Glute Queen" because I am so passionate about getting people better at using their glutes. I created the #30DayGluteChallenge to raise awareness that a lot of pain and injuries can be avoided by using the glutes more during activities. The #30DayGluteChallenge is a strategic progression of exercises that I have put together to build a foundation of proper glute activation by starting with the basics, then progressing to more challenging and higher level glute exercises to improve the way you use them with functional activities. 







This program is designed for people like YOU who didn't know you weren't using your glutes enough, or want to strengthen your glutes more but don't know where to start. There is a handful of people who already use their glutes during exercises and normal activities. These select few most likely don't have any injuries, but they are welcome to join in because, as I always say, you can never use your glutes too much!

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