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Why do you run?

I truly believe that running is the greatest, most versatile sport-- it can be done almost anywhere, by almost anyone. All you need is a pair of decent shoes and a purpose. There are so many reasons why people love to run. You can go for distance, or go for time. You can run alone to relieve stress and clear your mind. Or you can run with a friend just to catch up. You can run in a group to make new friends. You can run on a team to achieve a goal. You can run to win, or you can run for fun. You can run fast or run slow. You can run to challenge yourself. To set your personal record. To beat somebody else. To get away. To be healthy. To lose weight. To accomplish something that you thought was impossible.   

For some, running is punishment. For others, running is medicine.  It brings joy and healing and sanity. That's where my passions intersect. As a runner, I know that running is not an obligation. It's necessary for life. As a Physical Therapist, I truly believe that we were created to run and that anyone who chooses to run should be able to do so without pain. I'm not talking about inevitable soreness that happens to all runners. I'm talking about the pain that slows you down, that makes you limp, makes you cry, or worse, makes you stop. 

Many people who seek medical advice receive the same simple solution: "Stop running". Others avoid medical help because they fear these words. For a few people that may be the only answer, but for most it certainly is not. Especially if you want to keep running or want to run in the future. The answer is not to stop running! The answer is to run better, and you don't do that by stopping. You do that by fixing biomechanical flaws, having sufficient mobility and stability, and training wisely.

At Engage, my goal is to educate you. If you are having pain, explain why. If you have weaknesses, show you what you can do to improve. If you have an imbalance in the muscles you are using, help you engage the correct ones and stop overusing the wrong ones. If you have questions about training, I can help you design a program that works for you.  

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