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SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY- Rehabilitation of Injuries

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, my goals are:

-To educate you so you understand your pain

-To manage your symptoms effectively through use of neuromuscular re-education, deep tissue massage, dry needling, and therapeutic exercise

- To ultimately reduce or eliminate pain so you can be active and stay healthy.

I provide one-on-one care that is evidence-based and specific to your needs. I am a Board Certified Sports Specialist and have experience working with athletes in a wide variety of sports. I am passionate about working with people who have been unsuccessful with other medical providers because I am confident that I can help you get to the root of your issues.  

Click HERE for more FAQs about Physical Therapy services.

GROUP CLASSES - Making your exercises better and you better at exercising.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or the journey to a healthier, stronger you has just begun, chances are you have room for improvement. Come focus on improving your strength, stability, mobility and learn about proper biomechanics to help prevent future injuries. Classes are small to accommodate hands-on instruction and modifications as needed.


A one-on-one version of the group exercise class. I can perform a comprehensive evaluation of your strength, flexibility, and biomechanics to help you identify gaps in your current wellness routine and help prevent future injuries. I love working with athletes of all varieties and skill levels. I am happy to work with anyone who is motivated to work hard and dedicated to getting better, stronger, and faster.

RUNNING ANALYSIS - Video Analysis of Biomechanics and Running Form

Video analysis is a powerful tool for injured runners and non-injured runners alike. It can help identify factors that are contributing to your pain and/or areas that are potentially limiting your ability to run well. I take a full-body approach when I perform a running analysis because I believe that good posture, core stability, glute strength, and proper biomechanics are essential for running efficiently. Once the limiting factors have been identified, we can work on strategies to improve your running form to minimize wasted energy.

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